Monday, 24 May 2010

whirlwind 2 weeks

I have had a hectic couple of weeks, I left work, finished mermaid of the pearls (sorry the pic is sideways) and started the new garnet fairy. mermaid of the pearls is on smf bling and garnet is on smf circus

Monday, 12 April 2010

a nightmare few month finally over

I started a new job which has been way bigger than I expected so no time for the website or stitching, then broken computer, now damn windows 7 keeps loosing the internet never to be seen again, fingers crossed its been working for a day lets hope it lasts.
anyway I got about 10 new colours uploaded, and am nearly done with stitching mermaid of the pearls,middy and cinderella.

Monday, 10 August 2009

load of things done this week

Ive done loads of fabrics for the website, i have been getting loads of hits.
ive done a fabric club and colour of the week, i have the frospect of a new job, i have had a visit from my sister, and I got to the finals of silkweavers showcase.

so now im enjoying some quiet stitchy time, i started bluebell on a smf I had called gelati and im loving her.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

yipee have created my website

after a long time atlking about it i have finally done it, im way from being finished but at least it is started, ive got about 30 more colours to dye and add to the site, and Im waiting for my domain to get registered and then it will be a proper website with its own .com.
so excited its called hand dyed heaven

Monday, 27 July 2009

another one done

this is one of my most favourite pieces that ive done yet, its called sweet pea and yes its another by nora corbett, i stitched it on a piece of sw solo opal luana, it took about a week to complete, and now has pride of place on my living room wall, this is my first piece that Ive put onto my wall. i cant believe how mch pride it gives every time i see it, and how much more it makes my home feel like a home.
I cant wait to get more pieces done so the can join her on the wall as well.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

latest finish

Ive just finished the new mirabilia called mediterranean mermaid, i stitched it on opal lugana and its one i dyed myself and called carribean seas.
this just took a week and is soooo sparkly, my fingers are sore from the beading needle so am stitching something without beads for a few days.

Friday, 19 June 2009

more new fabbys

I have to say these are some of the yummiest i have done yet, there are a few i will be keeping for myself

top to bottom water sprite

rainbow dreams


fruit punch

carribean seas.

all are on lugana but can be done on other fabrics but colour may differ slightly and are all available to buy.